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New Arrival Product
New Arrival Product This category recommends our new products and the exhibition of the fairs. It is to provide the new item to our customer and hope to help expand the market share. The production proc...
Cookware set
Cookware set A suitable set of pots and pans will make cooking a lot easier. This category provides a combination of different functions of the pot to meet the requirements of consumers cooking. ...
Special Cookset
Special Cookset The pot features of fried, cook, boiled, stewed and other functions, accurate to meet consumer requirements. You can also select the appropriate combination of features pot for a pac...
Kitchen Tool
Kitchen Tool Cater to different cooking requirements. Combine cooking equipment before cooking to add cooking pleasure to the kitchen. The production process meets ISO9001: 2008 quality managemen...

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Yuze Metal Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002. With more than 20-year experience in cookware industry, in order to provide quality products and perfect service for customers, we continue to introduce advanced equipment and upgrade production lines. In 2017, Yuze Metal Co.,ltd will keep on moving.

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    TEL: 86-750-6493888 (Domestic Department)
    86-750-6493222 (Export Department)
    FAX: 86-0750-6493333
    E-mail: Department) Department)
    Address: No 14-2, South Area of Qibao Bridge Development Zone,
    Huicheng Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City,
    Guangdong Province, China.
    Postal code: 529156
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    以广州白云机场为例,全程127.9公里,需时约2小时11分钟。 机场南进入机场大道西,行驶500米后进入广州机场高速,行经广州环城高速,广佛高速,佛开高速和沈海高速,共92公里。之后,进入佛开高速交汇立交桥,驶经珠三角环线高速,进入江门大道辅路,经会城大道,新峰路,新会大道和南门路。进入542行驶1.7公里后掉头行驶780米,即可到达钰泽金属有限公司。


    1. 到达广州白云机场后,乘坐机场大巴到达江门候机楼或新会候机楼。随后我司可以安排车辆接送。
    2. 到达广州南站,乘坐城轨至新会站,随后我司可以安排车辆接送。
    3. 到达广州省汽车站/芳村汽车站/天河客运站,乘坐大巴至新会,随后我司可以安排车辆接送。
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